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About Us

That all the agents and distributors of companies that operate within the regulations and standards world we all agreed in the provision of quality, service and a good product and the appropriate price , it also produced a great partnership for a number of institutions and companies , which formed a global brand with the foundations and rules wonderful to get to the summit and hope that the involvement of and contribute to many other distributors in the future , what appointed him to be in every region or province official distributor for companies and factories set ftg usa.
As the official and legal promise factories approved by all companies and government institutions to be always at the top through the manufacturing professional with getting to our target and controls and the basic rules in the area of our business .

This of giant factory academy during the long tradition and experience in the areas of detection and exploration as well as in the discovery of new technologies in the global technology in general, and that came out most of the institutions and companies located in this area .
We call on all who owns love , love and hobby exploration can apply to obtain an authorized distributor for a group of companies and factories FTG USA